Date: 07 July 2021

Johannesburg, 07 July 2021: South African women continue to demonstrate their courage despite the challenges thrown up by the global pandemic and the limitations imposed on them during this time. 

The 2021 SPAR Virtual Challenge will pay homage to the strength of every woman that refuses to be limited by their circumstances. This year’s virtual race encourages women to put on their running shoes and take to the streets in defiance of the physical or mental restraints that may exist in their lives. 

While they can participate in the race at their own pace and from any location, they can do it knowing that they are joining a larger community of women that take on the challenge to #LiveLimitless.

The SPAR Women’s Challenge continues to bring women from all walks of life together, albeit in a virtual format, whether they run, walk or jog. 

The virtual challenge has attracted some of the country’s biggest personalities and will see the likes of SUGA, Philicity Reeken, and Lucille Slade take part. 

Actress, radio host and presenter Reeken said the race promoted a sense of camaraderie among women and allowed them to take the steering wheel when they may not feel in control. 

“SPAR has always been about the support and the passion behind supporting women, young girls, their health and fitness,” said the SPAR Women’s Challenge ambassador.

“This is an opportunity for you to take back a bit of control. The last two years have been a mess, and everything has been out of our hands. By entering, you can say, ‘I will do something for me, every young woman and every woman in my community. I am going to walk, run, crawl, skip or jump, and I am going to feel good at the end.”

Rising music star Lucille Slade, a fervent support of the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge, highlights how the race promotes good health and fitness, which has been thrown into sharp relief during the pandemic. 

“During the pandemic, it’s extremely important for us to exercise, to get our heart rate up, the more exercise we do we are placed in a better position to fight off not just illness but also get ourselves in a better mood,” said Slade.

“Being part of this virtual race is one of the ways you can add a bit of exercise to your life. Another reason for me is the sense of community where you are doing the same thing as other people, and you get motivation.”

Each 2021 SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge participant will receive a virtual race pack that includes an official virtual challenge t-shirt, access to the My Virtual Challenge digital magazine, a face buff, and a medal. 

By entering this year’s race, women can empower themselves and make a real difference in the lives of young girls. For every entry, a pack of sanitary pads will be donated to help keep a girl in school through the SPAR Petals Project. The Petals Projects advocates for a shame-free education for all young women. 

Popular radio DJ and SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge ambassador, SUGA, said the initiative was another good reason for women to enter the race this year. 

“The event bursts with good energy and togetherness, and now you can recreate that good energy, with the people that mean the most to you, at your own pace in a space familiar to you,” she said.

“You should enter the Spar Virtual Challenge because every girl deserves an education. This statement is so powerful and knowing that you have contributed to keeping a girl in school will fill your life with countless blessings.”