The SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge 2022 organisers have introduced some hot prizes as incentives for various groups to enter as many people as possible for this year’s virtual event. 

Already one of the most popular and inclusive events on the annual racing calendar, the 2022 Virtual Challenge is casting the net wider to get more people involved in the running carnival. 

Organisers have upped the ante this year, encouraging more people to take up the challenge and encourage others within their orbit – whether at work, in their estate, school, running club, social circle or organisation – to join the beautiful race. 

SPAR has identified six groups battling it out for bragging rights and amazing prizes should they enrol the most participants for this year’s Virtual Challenge. 

“These groups all play an integral part in South African society, from driving the economy, encouraging a healthy lifestyle to assisting the vulnerable in our communities. We hope to bring them all together through the Virtual Challenge and celebrate their contribution to building a better country,” said Retha Ingenbleek, SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge race organiser. 

The various groups would be able to share unique links with members of their community to enter this year’s event to help them win. Anyone who enrols via the unique link will count towards the club, company, organisation or person’s entry for the competition.

The six groups and the prizes they will be competing for are: 

  • Women – If you can get 50 other people to join the event, you will receive a beautiful personalised travel mug. If you reach 100 – we will send you your DIVA outfit for the Virtual Challenge day.
  • Estates – R5000 in SPAR vouchers for your estate
  • Running clubs – R20 000 in cash
  • Companies – R10 000 in SPAR vouchers
  • Schools – Two schools stand a chance to win R10 000 each
  • Organisations, e.g. charities – R2000 per month in SPAR vouchers for a year

(if you are interested in winning visit this link to enter: )

This year’s theme, captured through the hashtag, #IRISE, is a celebration of how South African women conquer their challenges. The SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge 2022 encourages all participants to harness their power, adopt the #iRISE philosophy and become part of a collaborative community that collectively rises above their challenges. 

The  Virtual Challenge is a celebration of women’s resilience, bringing family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers together in a show of camaraderie.

The event aims to reach all corners of South Africa, uniting people behind the collective goal of helping each other rise above their adversities. 

“We look forward to seeing more people from diverse backgrounds run, jog, or walk in a show of appreciation to the countless inspiring women that rise above their challenges every day,” said race organiser Marlene Gunther. 

As a virtual event, there are no geographic boundaries to the race, while participants get to decide on their route, pace, and whether to do it alone, with friends, family or as a community.


The SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge and Theme:  

Difficulty calls us to rise, and in that rising, we learn what we are capable of. The theme the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge 2022 is built on the concept of rising despite difficulty, like a phoenix from the ashes, which the Virtual Challenge  itself has done amidst a global pandemic. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity, and there is a plethora of opportunity for creativity amidst the current challenges that we face. 

This year we anticipate rising again as the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge 2022, in celebration of a South African stalwart, accompanied by a powerful digital strategy and virtual challenge, to become the most inclusive challenge South Africa has seen. 

Over the years, the challenge has brought women from all walks of life together, to make a difference in our communities and once again, this year will be no different, as we rise to the challenge as a nation, leaving no woman (or man) behind. While the challenge is still fully focused on women, we encourage women to bring their families, friends and animals, and welcome everyone, irrespective of gender, for this inclusive challenge. 



Date: 3 September 2022 

Time: 6AM to 6PM (subject to lockdown restrictions)  

Location: Virtual Event (participants can select own route and distance)