SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge 2021

Frequently asked questions

From what to do, what to consider and all you need to know, it’s all here.

1. Why did you launch a virtual challenge?

For many years, the SPAR Women’s Challenge events brought women from all walks of life together to make a positive difference in our communities. While loads of fun were had on the roads, these events were so much more than just women’s races. Over the years, millions were donated to various charity organisations that work to uplift women and children across the country. The events also became a point of camaraderie and an occasion to look forward to every year!

When the pandemic-related restrictions prevented physical events from taking place, we knew that the spirit of the SPAR Women’s Challenges needed to continue, but in a different form. As the name suggests, we love a good challenge and this is how the virtual challenge was born.

Through the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge, we can continue to unite women and stand together to make a real difference. This year, for every entry, a pack of sanitary pads will be donated to help keep a girl in school. What’s more, through sharing the stories of the many extraordinary women in our country, we aim to inspire all South Africans to conquer their limits and #LiveLimitless.

2. Is the 2021 SPAR Women's Challenge Grand Prix Series cancelled?

Supporting the professional running community and the many amazing women in it is very close to SPAR’s heart. The SPAR Women’s Challenge Grand Prix will be taking place this year, but in a different format. For all the details on how this will work, please head over to the full article in the My Virtual Challenge Magazine.

3. When will the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge 2021 take place?

The SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge 2021 will take place on Saturday 4 September 2021. By entering, you can walk any distance you like, in your own community anytime between 6h00 -18h00 on this day, subject to government lockdown regulations of course.  

4. Can I enter the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge if I do not live in South Africa?

Absolutely, we would love for you to participate virtually in the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge even if you reside outside of South Africa. Due to geographic constraints, we are not able to ship virtual challenge packs outside of South Africa. However, you are still welcome to enter and be rest assured that your entry fee will be donated to our charity cause.

5. Will I get a medal?

Definitely. Everyone who participates in the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge deserves a medal. These will be included in your virtual challenge pack. Once you have completed your virtual challenge on the day, please wear it with pride, knowing that you have made a difference!

6. Will I be able to train and race the Virtual Challenge with my running club?

We would love to say yes, and under normal circumstances, yes! However, life in the pandemic is far from normal, so best is to check and comply with the current Covid-19 related hygiene, physical and social distancing regulations at all times and plan accordingly.

7. Will I be able to run, jog or walk in a group?

The SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge is designed to bring women from all walks of life together and we do believe in “the more, the merrier!”. However the number of people that may walk or run together is determined by Covid-19 related government regulations. So, please check these before you get your group together to ensure that all is legal at all times.

8. Will there be route support and water points?

Because the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge is exactly that, a virtual challenge, the area in which you walk in totally up to you, so is every aspect of your race preparation. Why not encourage friends or family in your area to support you with a water point outside their door? We’ll leave it to you to be creative. The other option of course, is to carry your water and snacks with you.

9. How will the virtual challenge be timed?

It’s your virtual challenge at your pace, so yes, you will be required to record your own time, if this is important to you.

You can create a certificate of participation for yourself once you have completed the Challenge. Simply go to and complete the form to generate the certificate. It’s as easy as that!

10. How can I add my voice to the virtual challenge community on the day?

We would love for you to share your experience on virtual challenge day by posting photos and videos on social media with the hashtags #LiveLimitless and #SPARVirtualChallenge. You can share these before you start, on your way or even afterwards. Please be sure to tag the virtual challenge pages on social media so that we can experience your positive vibes, and assist where needed.

If you are running with your phone and stopping for pictures along the way, please be careful as crime is a reality in South Africa. Always be sure to take photos in safe locations. We encourage you to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings for your own safety.

There will be a live feed running on our social media pages from 10h00 – 14h00, where we will be sharing some of what is posted on social media and the SPAR Virtual Challenge excitement around the country. Do tune in!

11. Will a virtual challenge pack be included in the entry fee?

Certainly! Your entry fee includes both your virtual challenge pack, and for every entry, SPAR will donate a pack of sanitary pads to help keep a girl in school.

The virtual challenge pack includes our beautiful T-shirt, a gorgeous matching buff and your treasured medal.

Please be sure to check the website when you enter for details for collection / delivery options in your area.

If you have any queries, here are people that can assist:

South Rand (Greater Johannesburg, Vaal Triangle, North West, Free State and Northern Cape):
Cornel Steyn
Tel: +27 (0) 11 821 4238

North Rand (Tshwane and Limpopo):
Sophia Matlou
Tel: +27 (0) 11 203 5303

Western Cape:
Melanie Jooste:
Mazeeda Kamish:
Renee de Vincenzo:
Tel: +27 (0)21 690 0228

Eastern Cape:
Laura Dorothy
Tel: +27 (0) 41 404 5387

Kwa-Zulu Natal:
Mary Martens
Tel: +27 (0) 71 392 4214

Bella Mogane
Tel: +27 (0)13 753 6930

12. Can I run the virtual challenge on treadmill?

Because the SPAR Virtual Challenge is virtual, you may absolutely run on a treadmill, if that is what you prefer.

13. When do online entries close?

Entries close on 15 August 2021. We do recommend that you enter earlier rather than later as entries are limited to 75 000 participants.

14. Can I enter the SPAR Women’s Virtual Challenge at a SPAR store?

Entries are only available online at When you enter, please pay careful attention to where you will need to collect your virtual challenge pack, which could be a SPAR store or other, or whether a delivery option is available in your location.

15. Will I get a race number?

Because this is not a traditional race, and it is a virtual challenge, official race numbers are not part of the package. However, if you would like one, you can generate your own number on the virtual challenge website at Enter your name, print out the pdf and pin it to your outfit on the day. This way, people will see that you are running / walking South Africa’s most beautiful virtual challenge.

16. How will different lockdown rules impact the virtual challenge?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that things can change anytime. We are of course beholden to the laws of the country. Please be sure to keep a lookout for any changes, that may affect your participation on virtual challenge day. While we have big ambitions, we need to keep within the law at all times.